This heartwarming moment between a bicyclist and his dog is so precious They really are man's best friend.

While visiting the Agdao Market in Davao City in the Philippines, Alilee Shalom Galilee witnessed a tender moment between an elderly man and his dog.

The dog is propped up in the man’s bicycle basket and looking calm and content. But it’s begun to rain and the man wants to make sure his best friend stays dry.

He fastens a white polka dotted rain poncho around the dog, but he’s not done yet.

What he pulls out of his basket to place on the dog’s head made me break out in a huge smile. He really loves taking care of his best friend.

TIPS: When you're walking your dog in bad weather, you want to make sure you provide as much protection as you can for your dog. You should make sure your dog is equipped for the weather, including making your dog more visible in low-visibility conditions. You should also check that your pathways are safe for your dog, as well as get your entryway ready for when you return to your house with a wet dog.

Consider a rain jacket in wet weather. Not all dogs will wear a rain jacket, but it can help keep them dry when you're out in bad weather.


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  1. Unknown says:

    Bless him for taking care of his dog.

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