Fabrizio Giammatteo filmed a brave horse stand its ground against a pack of Italian wolves and its confidence in the situation probably saved its life.

Instead of showing fear and running, the horse embraced the wolves' presence and showed them who's in charge. At one point the horse even rolls around in the snow, putting itself in a completely defenseless position.

When asked what happened after the video ended, Fabrizio said "the horse just decided to go back eating some grass where he was before, leaving the poor wolves puzzled. After a few minutes the wolves decided to go away too."

The horse shows no fear, in fact he hardly seems to notice the wolves as they hover close to him and watch him as he walks around the field. At one point, he even nonchalantly lies down on the ground and rolls around in the snow!

Putting himself in such a defenseless position shocked the human onlookers. Fabrizio Giammatteo, who filmed the video, noted the horse surprised the wolves too.

Perhaps the wolves knew better than to anger the horse. Horses have powerful kicks and hooves that they will employ to ward off predators.

It is a strange encounter to be sure. 


Responses to "Wolves Surround This Horse, But The Horse's Actions Leave The Wolves Questioning Everything"

  1. Unknown says:

    Amazing and beautiful..

  2. Unknown says:

    Beautiful !!

  3. In the Lakota language, horses are called Holy Dogs (Shunka Wakan), and wolves are called Big Spirit Dogs (Shunk Manitou Tonka). They are relatives, and do not fear one another. The behavior you saw is evidence that the horse and the dogs remember that.

  4. That is awesome; what a wonderful video. :)

  5. Unknown says:

    The horse did not exhibit fear and did not act like a prey animal...which confused the wolves.

  6. neache says:

    Just shows how much more respect animals have for one another than people

  7. Anonymous says:

    They are friends. Wolves don't kill everything they see. Someone is tied to the TV. Not the reality.

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