Pictured: Emilу Graceanna- Native American Dene- Water Protector - Model | Los Angeles. "I was arrested along with over 170 other people for standing up against KinderMorgan. We must protect the land, water and climate." said Emilу Graceanna

Prime Minister Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday he has instructed his finance minister to begin talks with Kinder Morgan to “remove the uncertainty” hanging over the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project that would nearly triple the flow of oil from Canada’s oil sands to the Pacific Coast

Trudeau also said legislation is coming that will “reassert and reinforce” the fact that the federal government is well within its power to approve the project and ensure it goes ahead.

Kinder Morgan has suspended all non-essential spending on the project spending pending reassurance from Ottawa that it will be able to go forward

Trudeau met Sunday with British Columbia’s premier, who is blocking the project, and the premier of oil-rich Alberta, who desperately wants to see it go ahead.

“I don’t think it’s any surprise to anyone that I don’t think we would be in this situation if the British Columbia government hadn’t continued to emphasize its opposition to the project,” Trudeau said

The pipeline was approved in 2016 with the support of the former Liberal Party government in British Columbia but is now opposed by the province’s leftist New Democrat government.

Trudeau has insisted the project should be completed but the British Columbia government has fought it in the courts.

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion by the Canadian division of Texas-based Kinder Morgan would dramatically increase the number of oil tankers traveling the shared waters between Canada and Washington state. Trudeau approved the project in late 2016, saying it was in Canada’s best interest.

The project has drawn legal challenges and opposition from environmental groups and Native American tribes as well as from municipalities such as Vancouver and Burnaby. It’s also sparked a dispute between the provinces of Alberta, which has the world’s third largest oil reserves, and British Columbia. About 200 people have been arrested near Kinder Morgan’s marine terminal in Burnaby during recent protests.

Canada needs infrastructure to export its growing oil sands production. Alberta is the United States’ largest supplier of foreign oil.

Trudeau’s government has been trying to balance the oil industry’s desire to tap new markets with environmentalists’ concerns. Though he approved Trans Mountain, he rejected Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline to Kitimat, British Columbia

Responses to "200 people have been arrested in Canada for protecting the water"

  1. Unknown says:

    if the profecies are right, we need to protect our ressources more than ever and, to occupy the government a little ,ask them to show up the 2 trillions that the indian fund is supposed to have as well as the thirty some billions it is supposed to bring in every year and, if he refuses or say he can't, send a fax to the queen asking her to have that fund investigated

  2. Perhaps Albert's desperate Premier Notley should confine the pipeline within her province by rerouting the pipeline through the oil rich province of Alberta to the US state, Montana and allow Premier Horgan to govern British Columbia.
    The world is in dire need of economic and environmental help. Alberta's economic and political agenda is clearly one sided.

  3. Unknown says:

    So if I read this right, it is a crime (in Canada) to want to drink clean water and breath clean.

  4. Unknown says:

    Sorry but we need the pipeline..You environmentalists are a bit to much. Care and control need to be maintained over the pipeline for sure. Any kind of spill needs to be dealt with...yes. However there will not be a billion litre spill or anything like that. With todays new tankers the chance of a tanker disaster are minute. No need to cripple Canadas energy sector or to waste our money on Suadi oil. Lets make Canada strong and free again, or do you like being controlled by outside influence

  5. Unknown says:

    We must stand up for the water, land and climate. The pipeline they want to expand will contain Bitumen"the oil" and Benzene"the dilutant", both of which are extremely poisonous to the water and land.

    IARC classifies benzene as “carcinogenic to humans,” based on sufficient evidence that benzene causes acute myeloid leukemia. Do you want that in your water supply?

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