The lifespan of an African spurred tortoise is about 50–150 years, though they can live much longer.

Just four days old, this adorable tortoise is less than a 10th of the size of his mother and is one of eight who were born at the Nyiregyhaza Animal Park in Hungary.

The baby tortoises happily sat on their mother basking in the sunshine while she made her way around their enclosure.

This baby tortoise reaches down to climb onto his mother's head

The youngster along with his seven brothers and sisters was the first time this type of African spurred tortoise has been born at the Animal Park, just 140 miles from Budapest.

The eight babies hatched after 115 days, they are 5.5cm long and weigh just 25 grams.

Spurred tortoise is the largest species of land tortoises in Africa, the weight of an adult animal may reach 80kg.

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