A stretching elephant decided that he was going to do his morning exercises stood on the edge of a busy road. The elephant, who appeared to be conducting a yoga routine, was captured lengthening out its back leg in a move reminiscent of the spiritual exercise.

After raising its leg up and down several times as waiting cars were left stuck in the road the elephant moved out of the way and continued its journey. The amusing moment was captured by Michelle Broadhurst, 49 and Jacques Joubert, 55 during a trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Jacques said: 'We spend a lot of time in Kruger National Park and our main purpose is wildlife photography with the emphasis on elephants.

'We were on one of our private vehicle self drive game drives. There were a couple of other vehicles in the area with some watching as well.

'We had been watching three bull elephants drinking water and then they moved off into different directions. This one remained in the area foraging next to the road.

'This was a big elephant and they dominate the scene.

'During our various stays in the Park we observed similar elephant behaviour in similar situations.

'This normally happens when a rather large or aged elephant is confronted by a fairly steep incline or decline in his pathway.

'It suggests that it is a bit of a challenge to negotiate and that it is not an elephants favourite activity.

'The elephant in our mind would rather choose a different route but unfortunately were semi boxed in by the vehicles in the area. It was the only way out.'


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