Humane Society International has expressed outrage that 122 pregnant female whales were killed this year in the Southern Ocean as part of Japan's whaling program NEWREP-A.

The information was contained in newly published meeting papers from the International Whaling Commission Scientific Committee meeting held in Slovenia in May.

The results show that of the 333 Antarctic minke whales killed this year, 181 were females. 122 or 67 percent of these females were pregnant and 53 or 29 percent were immature animals.

"The killing of 122 pregnant whales is a shocking statistic and sad indictment on the cruelty of Japan's whale hunt. It is further demonstration, if needed, of the truly gruesome and unnecessary nature of whaling operations, especially when non-lethal surveys have been shown to be sufficient for scientific needs,” said Alexia Wellbelove, Senior Program Manager at Humane Society International.

Despite condemnation by the international community and the International Court of Justice, which ruled in 2014 that Japan's JARPA II Antarctic whaling program was illegal and must stop, Japan re-badged its whaling program and sent its whaling fleet to the Southern Ocean for its annual whale hunt again in 2015. Japan withdrew its recognition of the International Court of Justice as an arbiter of disputes over whales.

Japan's whaling fleet has returned home from the Southern Ocean in March this year after a successful 143-day investigation “without being interfered with by the anti-whaling group” - a reference to Sea Shepherd.

Shepherd has opposed Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary every year from 2005 to 2017 except for the 2014/2015 season when the whalers did not return to Antarctic waters. Sea Shepherd sent two ships down to the Southern Ocean last year (2016/2017), and although they got close, they could not close in because of advanced military satellite technology that allowed the whalers to see Sea Shepherd's movements in real time.

The organization did not return for the 2017/2018 whaling operation “because it would be like taking a slingshot to a gunfight in pursuit of whalers who can see us but we can’t see them - in other words, a fruitless waste of time and resources,” said founder Paul Watson.

In November last year, Sea Shepherd released Australian Government footage exposing details of Japanese whaling methods, obtained under Freedom of Information request. The footage shows whales dying slowly and in pain, sometimes drowning in their own blood.

"The continued killing of any whales is abhorrent to modern society, but these new figures make it even more shocking. We look forward to Australia and other pro-conservation countries sending the strongest possible message to Japan that it should stop its lethal whaling programs,” saidWellbelove.

The next meeting of the International Whaling Commission is in September in Brazil.

Responses to "Japanese Whale Hunters Kill 122 Pregnant Whales "

  1. No, No, No

  2. Unknown says:

    This needs to stop. How could Japan kill something that is smarter than the average human!

  3. Humans are evil.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is not whaling, this is slaughtering. May God punish you all behind this and never give you peace!

  5. Unknown says:

    Why doesn't Britain or America just destroy ALL of their whaling ships with drones? This is like a conspiracy against life itself. These people deserve to die, even when they market tinned whale meat, the name translates to 'goodbye mr whale'.

  6. Madelon says:

    And in their freeze-houses lots of whale meat lies rotting away because even in Japan no one wants to buy whale meat any more, only a fes hidebound people.

  7. Unknown says:

    I am horrified to see this, it makes me sick. Why????

  8. Humina says:

    Shame on you Japan

  9. Shauna says:

    Cruel, heartless humans, as shameless as hunting endangered animals for sport. May God give you your just rewards all involved

  10. Unknown says:

    Humans need to evolve.

  11. Monsters killers . Make me sick ����

  12. TV says:

    I hope KARMA catches up with you

  13. Anonymous says:

    So sad when will mankind learn

  14. I'm so very sad at the state of the world and the lack of compassion for a living creature. Over fishing, over hunting and over killing for the shear fun of it??????? This is all very disheartening, and I pray to God that this crap stops!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Patty says:

    Just sickening!

  16. Unknown says:

    stop this insane madness............have you any idea what you are doing to this planet???

  17. Unknown says:

    May God punish you all for all your cruelty to our worlds animals and sea life. This is barbaric beyond words, you are pure evil.

  18. Unknown says:

    pervert....such a shame. my impression on japanese has changed after knowing this. a pathetic race.

  19. Unknown says:

    Whaling must be stopped. There is NO reason for Japan to kill whales. There is no proven medical reason for whales to die. NONE.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hope you all rot in hell for eternity for what you did to these beatiful whales and their precious babies!!!!!!!!!

  21. Unknown says:

    Man will eventually destroy everything no words left only tears falling

  22. Unknown says:

    what happened to the CiTES protection no one cares in authority about anything but themselves ...they`ll care when they have to sufer makes me so angry we as the public trust the people at the top to do something but they dont care death is nothing to them these animals have the right to live in freedom now not when

  23. Esin says:

    this slaughtering wont ever stop! cause everything has to be consumed till the last bite till the last drop! no laws or regulations can stop cause its still a delicacy and a culinary centerpiece for various cuisines! so catch and kill and cut and devour you idiot egocentric horrible humankind eat everything around you till you die.

  24. Unknown says:

    they should be harpuned and killed like the whales mostly their pregnant women i can't stand them they eat dogs cats boil them alive sikn then alive we should do the same to them they have no feelings

  25. Geberirsiniz umarım :(

  26. Unknown says:

    Just saw the MIZUNO Golf Group invitation to attend this group. My family just decided that until end of 2019, we will not buy a single thing made in Japan

  27. Unknown says:

    disgusting, I will not buy ANYTHING made in Japan.

  28. Mich says:

    Tsunami is karma

  29. Japans, when are you going to be a civilized state and stop the slaughtering of whales and dolphins? When that is done, I would be ready to love and support your art and other culture instead of boycott !

  30. Unknown says:

    I am boycotting ALL JAPANESE PRODUCTS! And so are my family and friend's.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Anyone got a submarine and a few dozen torpedoes they aren't using when it comes to the next "hunt"? lol

  32. Unknown says:

    No no no

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