The internet's cutest bird couple has produced some equally cute bird offspring.

Perhaps you recall Kiwi and Siouxsie, the not-goth and goth (respectively) lovebirds that started dating last September. Well, friends, an update on that front: they are married now. In fact, their eggs hatched about a month ago!

The birds' caregiver, Maura, who tweets at @painthands, has been providing updates throughout the egg-laying and egg-hatching process. "I love being a bird mom," she wrote.

It does seem very fun! Now, the chicks are around four weeks old, and all have distinctive, partially-goth color patterns, as if they divide their time between browsing the Lisa Frank Facebook page and listening to The Cure.

Maura plans to find homes for the chicks once they're weaned, so if you live in California and are prepared to care for a very small lovebird, send her a DM.

Lovebirds are intelligent and affectionate birds. They are okay for beginners, but require a bit more work than other species. They are best kept as pairs, since they require so much attention and affection.

The lovebird is a small stocky parrot between 5.1-6.7 inches (13-17 cm). They have a large bill and a tail that is either round or square. Their average life span is between 10-12 years with some living even longer. The oldest recorded lovebird lived 17 years.

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    Thanks for sharing these photos! Your family of birds is beautiful!

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