A police officer who was filmed running down an Indigenous teenager has reportedly stood down. The West Australian officer was stood down from duty as an investigation is undertaken into the arrest and running over of the 18-year-old man, Nine News reported.

The incident which occurred on Wilfred Road, Thornlie, West Australia, was caught on camera, showing the undercover police car knocking down the Indigenous teenager, before he suffered multiple seizures.

Family members are calling for the senior sergeant to face criminal charges after the horrific incident which sent the teenager to hospital.

Initial footage of the incident was released earlier this week on Facebook, which police claim the teenager 'collided' with the police car.

However, the new footage shows the undercover police car crossing the road and hitting the teenager before he suffers multiple seizures.

A police officer is seen following the 18-year-old on foot on Sunday afternoon, before the unmarked police car crosses the road to cut him off before hitting him, SBS reported.

The teen falls to the ground after being struck by the vehicle before he begins seizing.

When he began to seize, police turned him to the side, as he continues to convulse, and is then handcuffed.

He was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital for treatment.

CEO of Ngalla Maya Aboriginal Corporation Mervyn Eade, told NITV News that WA police had a long history of incidents involving Indigenous people.

The teen's uncle Mervyn Eades described the incident as "brutal" and "intentional". (9NEWS)

Gerry Georgatos of the National Indigenous Critical Response Service, also told NITV News that the police officers involved should be stood down.

West Australian police claimed the teenager was being sought after for questioning after people in the area complained about 'suspicious activity', SBS reported.

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