A survey released recently shows that Medicaid expansion is likely blazing a trail for gubernatorial hopeful Paulette Jordan.

According to a news release from Clarity Campaign Labs, lieutenant governor and gubernatorial candidate Brad Little’s lead on Jordan has shrunk to single digits.

While Little’s lead still sits at 8 percent, Jordan is popular for health care and Medicaid expansion, according to the news release.

The poll of 826 likely Idaho voters showed 45 percent support for Medicaid expansion with 36 percent undecided. Only 19 percent of respondents said they do not support Medicaid expansion.

Of those supporting the Medicaid expansion, roughly 64 percent are also supporting Jordan, according to the news release.

According the the news release, Jordan polled at 41 percent among independent voters, which make up about a third of the electorate.

Independent women favor Jordan 47 percent support to Little’s 20 percent. Jordan also leads among all women voters 34 percent to 33 percent.

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