A kind couple in Crete noticed a Griffon vulture perched on a wall next to a road that seemed thirsty and needing a drink.

The approached and, amazingly, the bird let them get right up close to him and touch his beak.

Moments later they pulled out a water bottle to give the bird a drink, which it welcomed, scooping up the water with its beak from the man’s cupped hands. The bird also drank from a cup as several people gathered around.

Crete is home to the largest insular population of Griffons in the world. The vultures feed on carcasses of livestock animals of medium or large size (sheep, cows, goats, etc). But as people leave behind pastoral farming, the birds’ numbers have dropped.

The birds are considered helpful in rural areas where they help clean up dead animals that could cause contamination to flocks in the warm climates.

This particular vulture was very grateful for the helping hand. He posed for a few photos with the couple.

He even spread his wings as if giving them a hug.


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