During the premiere for his new movie, Aquaman, Momoa performed the haka (an ancient ceremonial dance of the Māori) alongside his children and local New Zealanders he met while filming the movie.

He's one of Hollywood's fastest rising stars and stands tall at 6ft 5" inches tall. And Jason Momoa, 39, was the star attraction at the Aquaman premiere where he broke into a performance of the haka with his children on the red carpet at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Wednesday.

The Game Of Thrones star commanded attention at the premiere when he arrived carrying a golden trident which he snapped across his knee, ferociously.

Jason was quickly joined by a large group, including his children Lola, 11, and Nakoa-Wolf, nine, who also took part in the Maori ceremonial dance of New Zealand.

Jason, from Hawaii, has long been a fan of the New Zealand All Blacks and looked right at home alongside New Zealand's Temuera Morrison who plays Aquaman's father in the film.

The haka is a ceremonial dance or challenge in Māori culture. It is a posture dance performed by a group, with vigorous movements and stamping of the feet with rhythmically shouted accompaniment. Although commonly associated with the traditional battle preparations of male warriors, haka have been performed by both men and women, and several varieties of the dance fulfil social functions within Māori culture. Haka are performed to welcome distinguished guests, or to acknowledge great achievements, occasions.

Jackson and Hokowhitu state, "haka is the generic name for all types of dance or ceremonial performance that involve movement." The various types of haka include whakatū waewae, tūtū ngārahu and peruperu. The tūtū ngārahu involves jumping from side to side, while in the whakatū waewae no jumping occurs. Another kind of haka performed without weapons is the ngeri, the purpose of which was to motivate a warrior psychologically. The movements are very free, and each performer is expected to be expressive of their feelings. Like the ngeri they were performed without weapons, and there was little or no choreographed movement.


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