A dog guarded the ruins of his home for almost a month until his owner returned after fleeing California’s wildfires.

Dogs' loyalty to their masters and homes are the stuff of legend. And here's more heartwarming proof. It's a dog story with a happy ending from the site of California's Camp Fire, which started November 8 and eventually killed 85 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

Andrea Gaylord of Paradise, the town all but lost to the blaze, was among those who had to flee, leaving behind her two dogs, blond shepherd brothers Madison and Miguel.

The fire was contained November 25. After that, Shayla Sullivan, a pet lover from Brownville, California, was allowed into the devastated area to hunt for lost pets, while the evacuation order was still enforced.

Another rescuer already had found Miguel, so Sullivan kept up the search for Madison. She left food and water around the charred remains of the Gaylord house. Then she rubbed clothes on Miguel and put them at the site, figuring the dog's scent would lure Madison back home.

Finally, the evacuation was lifted, and Gaylord, Sullivan and Miguel went to the homesite to check. Sure enough, they found Madison sitting there waiting for them.

The two dogs greeted each other as Gaylord and Sullivan watched on Friday.

"You are the best dog," Gaylord said, her voice breaking as she cried on Sullivan's shoulders. "Reuniting Miguel and Madison was amazing," Sullivan wrote on Facebook. "They said their HELLOS and then went back to work. Miguel took guard over the lower part of the property and Madison took the top. It must be such a RELIEF for Madison to have his partner back."


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