A devoted dog has refused to leave the scene of where his owner died in a car crash 18 months ago. Locals have tried to coax the dog away from the roadside while others have tried to adopt him, but he always returns to the same spot.

Nafpaktia News reported that the dog’s owner was killed by a cement mixer on November 8, 2017 in a Greek town on a remote road. Since that time the dog has stayed at the accident scene. He only moves away to find shade in the hot sun.

People in the town have built a little shelter for him and regularly give him food and water.

They are likening the dog to Hachiko, the devoted Japanese Akita who visited the Tokyo Shibuya Station for years after his owner died, waiting for him to return.

Although the locals are taking care of the dog, viewers of the video (see below) expressed dismay at this dog’s dangerous living conditions, commenting that leaving the dog at the side of the road is dangerous and suggesting the dog be rescued and rehomed.

Others speculated that it appears that the accident scene was never properly cleaned up and that if the debris and wreckage was completely removed perhaps the dog would not smell or associate the area with his owner. However, the materials seen in the video could simply be garbage.

We hope someone tries again to help rescue this dog and find him a new family, one who will help him get over his grief but also give him a comfortable life.


Responses to "Dog refuses to leave spot where owner died for over a year"

  1. Please rescue. He will love anyone who will love him back. Please do not leave him on the side of the road like that.

  2. Morgana says:

    The dog should have been rescued by now, someone has to be responsible for him, especially the municipal employees, or a good hearted person who will offer an adoption.

  3. Yes, somehow he must be rescued from this site.This is a dangerous place for him to be.

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