A tourist has been captured on video throwing stones at a giant panda in a Chinese zoo in what looks like an attempt to wake it up.

The incident was filmed in a zoo in the Chinese capital Beijing and appears to show the panda sitting about doing what pandas do - which is, for the most part, very little - until some moron chucks a rock at it.

Luckily, the rock missed the poor creature, who didn't seem particularly bothered by the new development. If anything, it seemed curious as to whether it could eat the thing that had been chucked.

That being said, it should go without saying that it is incredibly bad form to throw rocks at anything, let alone a lovely panda bear.

The footage was captured by an eyewitness who said they actually saw two people throwing things at the captive panda on Saturday.

Seriously, what is wrong with some people?

The shocked observer then uploaded the video to Weibo, which is sort of like Facebook or Twitter, but specific to China.

The observer told The Beijing News that the tourists intention was to wake the panda up. They also mentioned that perhaps the zoo could be doing a bit more to protect their animals from - you know - getting things arbitrarily flung at them when they're not animated enough for some of their customers.

Beijing Zoo confirmed to the same publication that the panda, who is called Meng Da, is in a good condition and was not hurt.

That's not really the point, but good news, nonetheless.

A zoo spokesperson said that zookeepers immediately arrived on the scene to stop the idiots who were throwing stuff.

They then confirmed on their own Weibo account that the panda had been observed eating, moving around, playing, and - presumably - dossing about in a normal fashion today.

They also said that there are plans to renovate the panda enclosure, and added that they would prefer if visitors to the zoo would observe the animals in a "civilised" manner.

It shouldn't be too much to ask.

Pandas are one of the national symbols of china, and are renowned for being a bit slow and lazy. In fact, when they're not eating - which is half the day - they're asleep.

In 2016, the giant panda was removed from the endangered list by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

That is in no small part down to efforts by Chinese panda experts. You don't have to be an expert to know that you shouldn't hurl rocks at them, however.

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  1. There are sick mindless people everywhere. How can you expect them to have respect for animals when they have no respect for themselves? They are fools & idiots

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