A wolf was spotted in the Netherlands for the first time, nature conservation service Natuurmonumenten announced on Friday.

Wildlife cameras captured the wolf next to a dead red deer. .

According to forester Andre ten Hoedt, they've been waiting "quite a while" for wolves to show up in Zuid Veluwe. "This area is extensive and has a lot of wildlife. An ideal habitat for the wolf. Cool that he now seems to have found our area, now we have to wait and see if he or she will also settle here.".

DNA samples were taken from the cadaver of the deer to identify the wolf. .

Natuurmonumenten also noted that a wolf pack located on the Noord Veluwe is exploring an increasingly large territory. "It shows that wolves increase their territory in winter to hunt more efficiently. There is certainly room for this in the Veluwe," the service said. .

The Netherlands has its first resident wolf population in 140 years, according to ecologists. ... Occasional wolf sightings have been made in the Netherlands since 2015. But these animals were previously thought to be animals that had crossed over temporarily from Germany and would subsequently return there..

Wolves are protected under the Berne convention and can only be killed under specific circumstances. .

Ecologist Roeland Vermeulen says settled wolves are more likely to eat deer or wild boar. Sheep, on the other hand, are "like junk food", taken by roaming wolves or those less experienced at hunting..

He thinks the Netherlands has room for 22 packs - each of 5-8 wolves. Whether the country can learn from others and find a suitable balance will become apparent in the years to come.


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