As more countries ask their human populations to stay at home to limit the spread of coronavirus, wild animals have been spotted exploring the empty streets of some of the world's largest urban areas.

Film footage of a civet cat roaming the deserted streets of Kozhikode in the Indian State of Kerala went viral on social media, while a puma turned up in the centre of the Chilean capital Santiago, a city which is under curfew.

"This is the habitat they once had and that we've taken away from them," said Marcelo Giagnoni, the head of Chile's agricultural and livestock service.

Recent lockdown of many countries like Italy, France, Germany, China and India provided a chance to Mother Nature to revive and replenish itself from human destruction. Pollution levels are lowering and flora and fauna is flourishing.

Not only the lockdown helped the wildlife to come out in human habitation, but it also registered an impact on the air quality. Many cities in the country have reported an improvement in the air quality which usually remains poor in the normal due to heavy vehicular traffic and pollution.

Wildlife is reclaiming back its space from us due to absconding humans from cities to prevent the transmission of respiratory infection through social contact.

Here are some examples of animals taking over cities amidst mandatory Coronavirus lockdown:

Nilgaai or Blue Bull was spotted on the once busy roads of Noida, outside a famous shopping mall. This took locals on Twitter by surprise as it was a rare scene to enjoy.

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