The supermoon phenomenon occurs when a full moon is within 10 percent of its closest distance to the Earth. May's full moon, at the height of the Northern Hemisphere spring, is also called a flower moon, hence Thursday's full-flower supermoon.

Clouds over much of Europe and Asia obscured views of the moon, which appears slightly larger than usual, and the streets remained relatively quiet, with many countries still imposing coronavirus-related restrictions.

But from Hong Kong to Jerusalem to Caracas, some locals donned masks and ventured out to take photos of the celestial spectacle.

Here’s a few of the stunning images captured of the celestial event, almost all of them at moonrise or moonset, but far the best times to watch our satellite when it’s close to the horizon.

That goes double next month for sky-gazers in some parts of the world who will see a slight “Strawberry Moon Eclipse.” See below for more info on that, but for now, just enjoy some freshly-minted images of a spectacular “Super Flower Moon.”

The next full moon—when our satellite will look almost as magnificent as the “Super Flower Moon”—will occur on June 5, 2020 when a “Strawberry Moon” will rise. It will be best viewed at moonrise and moonset.

The 'flower moon' rose behind the statue of priest Antonio Montesino wearing a face mask in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, yesterday

A 'Flower Moon' is also called a 'Mother's Moon', 'Milk Moon' or 'Corn Planting Moon'.

The next supermoon will be visible in April 2021

 Pictured, an airplane flies in front of the last supermoon of 2020 in the skies above Los Angeles, California, on May 7, 2020

Japan Railway's bullet train on a railway bridge Flower super moon, Kawasaki, Japan

Flower Moon rises over the village of Brixworth, Northamptonshire on May 7, 2020

 In New York City

Pictured, the supermoon rises over the lockdown-closed Louvre Museum and Pyramid in the centre of Paris, France



Chesterton Windmill in Warwickshire

The spectacular moon was seen over Moscow in Russia

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