A moment of kindness in Kansas City captured the world's attention on Tuesday. Social media users were all atwitter about a photo showing a Kansas City police officer sitting with two dogs in a grassy knoll off a ramp that leads to 75th Street.

The officer, who did not want to be identified, is being hailed a hero for saving the dogs separated -- and since reunited -- from their owners.

Debbie Davis took one of the photos that has since gone viral on social media.

"As I pull up, it's a motorcycle cop sitting in the cold grass with two stray -- or what appears to be stray dogs, just sitting there petting them," she said.

The dogs escaped the safety of their home in south Kansas City. The police officer waited with them until the Humane Social could arrive. Davis said the officer went above and beyond his call of duty.

"It's over and above for anyone," she said. "It's cold. Most people wouldn't look twice at some dogs running around."

Debbie shared the photo of the officer with the dogs on Facebook. Thousands saw it -- and shared it. The dogs' owners, Austin and Ashley Mozingo, went to the KC Pet Project looking for them after they escaped from their yard Monday night.

"It was heartbreaking when you see him in a cage, but then, it's relief, when you know you can take him home with you," Ashley said. Ashley likes the picture of her pooches with the police officer.

"It's adorable," she said. "He's just chillin' with them."

"I think that's an awesome story," Austin said. "It's good to know there are still police officers out there who still enjoy helping out the community, especially in helping out such sweet dogs."



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  1. cathy t says:

    bless this police officer for staying with the dogs. he is an angel. ty for your kindness towards these lost or abandoned dogs

  2. Love this thank you

  3. Morgana says:

    Thank you kind human

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