Baking and yoga are some of the activities some people have turned to as a way to cope with the stresses of 2020 so far. In that vein, we present 6-month-old Brave Yazzie from Onion Lake, Sask., who can’t walk yet, but can sure dance up a storm.

Strapped into a Jolly Jumper exerciser, the baby jumps up and down to the beat of drums and chants while beaming at her mom Aislinn Whitstone.

“While she was in my tummy, we attended a lot of powwows,” Whitstone told HuffPost Canada. “So we think that she’s [also] dancing to what she heard in my tummy.”

Yazzie is Plains Cree from Onion Lake on her mom’s side, and from the Navajo Nation in Arizona on her dad’s. Her parents are both dancers themselves and were eager to include their daughter in their traditions.

“In my culture, the heartbeat sounds exactly like the drum. We are slowly bringing her into life, so that way when she grows up, she knows where she’s from and who she is as an Indigenous little girl.”

Whitstone posted video of Yazzie dancing to a Facebook group called Quarantine Dance Specials 2020, which features Indigenous peoples from all over the world sharing dances from their respective nations during the pandemic. Whitstone made her daughter’s outfit herself and decided to post the video to brighten people’s days.

“We believe that dancing is a way of healing,” she said. “And especially with what’s going around in the world today, we wanted to bring happiness to everyone.”

Whitstone is glad about all the positive feedback from the video of little Yazzie.

“We know that she will continue with dancing, and will make us proud.”



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