For years, feral horses have shared the land in and around the range lands where Candice and Jordan Camille live in British Columbia. Candice writes that it’s Jordan’s job as a Range Rider to “keep an eye on the herds, the grasslands and the boundary fences.”

Recently, he spotted a group of feral horses around a watering hole. Normally the horses would be spooked by his presence, but for some reason they were standing their ground. Being that Candice is a professional photographer, he let her know the horses were at close range so that she could come up and photograph them.

“What he did not realize was that they were standing their ground and protecting a new born foal that was stuck in deep mud near the watering hole,” the Camilles explained on their YouTube channel.

A white mare stood guard and charged at him every time he tried to approach the foal to free her. A stallion stood watch too, protecting the mare. The horses tried to chase Jordan off several times.

Jordan didn’t know how long the foal had been stuck for but he knew she had to be saved if she was to survive.

“Candice arrived to give Jordan a hand, it took the both of them to watch the mare and pull the foal out. This video shows clips through out what was probably two hours, of pulling the foal out, rubbing it down, giving it electro lites and waiting for the mare to re-claim the baby,” the pair writes of the rescue.

As they mentioned, they tried to warm her up but the foal was shaken and weakened by her ordeal. There were several moments of “touch and go” where the foal collapsed and got into more trouble and Jordan did too as the mare continued to try and protect her young one. Jordan even had to climb a tree!


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