Fredo’s first appointment with his groomer, Girl With The Dogs, went exactly as she expected…dramatically! Dogs aren’t always fans of baths, and huskies in particular seem to voice their dislike. There’s Thunder the Husky, who loves his groomer but cries every time the water starts. Monk the Husky starts complaining the moment he hears the word “shower.”

So Fredo’s reaction isn’t unexpected. The 10-month-old dog begins his protests by trying to and escape the bath-tub (that’s why he has a safety chain on) and turns off the water several times. Throughout it all he let out howls of protests, or should we say “husky singing.” Girl With Dogs says she now knows all the husky lyrics by heart and said she finally “met someone who talks more than she does.”

His “singing” continued during the drying, prompting the groomer to say that “Fredo could quite possibly be the most dramatic husky I’ve ever worked on.”

Thankfully, he was quite a good boy with the brushing teeth and brushing, so truly it’s a dislike of water that prompted Fredo’s temper tantrum. But at the end of it all, he got a tasty treat “and to Fredo’s surprise he did not die.” (Source)

The Siberian Husky does require regular bathing and brushing. This extremely outgoing dog can be bathed as frequently as weekly up to no longer than every 6 weeks. With this double coated breed, proper bathing and drying techniques lay the groundwork for achieving a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

Bred in Northeast Asia as a sled dog, the Siberian Husky is known for its amazing endurance and willingness to work. Its agreeable and outgoing temperament makes it a great all-around dog, suitable for anything from sledding to therapy work. Because it originated in cold climates, Siberians have a thicker coat then most other breeds of dog, made up of a dense cashmere-like undercoat and a longer, coarse top coat. All colors from black to pure white are allowed, and a variety of markings on the head is common.


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