‘We were all a little shocked,’ says eyewitness to family of bears swimming at South Lake Tahoe

Footage has sparked a debate online that showcases a bear and her cubs swimming at a California beach during the heatwave currently engulfing major swaths of the US West.

In the video, a mother black bear is seen swimming in Lake Tahoe with her three cubs on a crowded beach with people trying to beat the heat on South Lake Tahoe. According to new reports, the temperature hit 32C. Temperatures have recently hit as high as 48C.

Some believe the bear was running away from the heat. However, locals have pointed out that bears are not as scared of people as many believe.

Throughout the heatwave, there have been reports of animals being impacted by the record-breaking temperatures the region is experiencing. Habitats have been impacted by the forest fires, droughts and other environmental consequences.

“I live in Lake Tahoe, this isn’t weird. We run into bears at least weekly at my house. More so because I walk my dogs twice a day. They don’t bug people. It hasn’t been over 92 the past week. Yes, that is hot for this time, but not abnormal to see a bear & cubs taking a dip,” wrote someone in response.

“We are in their territory when we’re up in the Foothills and the Sierra [Nevada],” Lt Nelson Resendes from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office told KCRA. “Don’t feed them, don’t entice them, don’t provoke them and, obviously in a setting like this … don’t approach them … respect their space.”

Local authorities, such as the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Placer County Sherriff’s Office, are monitoring the situation and working to tackle the problem of bears ending up in areas with high levels of human population.


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