Grizzly Bear and Wolf natural friends instead of enemies?

We have all seen the photos and videos of wolves and bears in the wild sparring with each other over food or protecting their young. These moments can sometimes become very intense as the two species appear to be natural enemies. But just exactly how do these natural enemies carry on at times when no one is looking?

Recently, Nancy Ward, Yellowstone's acting chief of maintenance was heading through the park to attend a meeting. This was before the park was open yet to the public.

As she was driving along, she noticed a wolf and another animal in a snow covered area. Her thoughts immediately turned to that of maybe a bison struggling in the snow so she decided to investigate further.

Imagine her surprise when she realized that what she had seen was a wolf and a grizzly bear actually "playing" together. She first thought that maybe there was a carcass nearby but quickly saw there was no food to be found. She watched as the bear rolled around on it's back with it's feet in the air and then as it slid around in the snow.

The whole time the wolf stayed near by watching and checking things out. Then the bear approached the wolf and they both sniffed around each other and on the ground. This all took place for more than five minutes before they went off on their merry way. During this time, Nancy Ward snapped several good pictures showing the quite friendly behavior of two supposedly natural enemies.

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