Looking at the reporter with wide eyes, the baby elephant starts sniffing the TV journalist’s head. He remains focused for as long as he can, but the elephant swiftly moves his trunk over his face until the reporter can no longer keep a straight face and he bursts into laughter.

Baby elephants have given us some endearing moments recently, from the one that cheerfully raised its trunk after a girl helped it get unstuck from the mud to little Chaba, who had the best time getting her first-ever bath.

The latest baby elephant to steal our hearts did so in a much more comedic way. Alvin Kaunda, a reporter for Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), was recording a segment about Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program, when one of its residents decided to steal the spotlight.

Kaunda was talking to the camera about how this sanctuary is the place the elephants call home, experience love, and grapple with loss. More importantly, he addressed how vulnerable habitats are being pushed to the brink by human activity.

This very serious message started turning into a wholesome moment when one of the baby elephants, looking at the reporter with wide eyes, began sniffing the side of his head. Kaunda remained focused for as long as he could, but the elephant swiftly moved his trunk over the reporter’s until he could no longer keep a straight face and wound up bursting into laughter.

The TV journalist is never bothered by the elephant playing with him, and it's his sweet reaction—first keeping calm, and then just giggling and turning to the elephant as if it was an old friend poking at him—that makes it all an adorable exchange.

The video was eventually shared on Reddit, where it earned 50,000 upvotes in just one subreddit. Users mostly cheered on Kaunda for how long he was able to keep it together. “Once that elephant touched my ear it’s game over for me,” said one user, while others funnily tried to guess if the baby elephant was looking for the source of the sound or felt like Kaunda needed to borrow its trunk to blend in.

While at first it may look like the creature interrupted the message, in the end, it helped it drive the point home. This cute action put the spotlight on how vulnerable and friendly these endangered animals are, and who is most at risk if action is not taken to protect their habitats.



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  1. that was so endearing <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Adorable! He held it together better than I would be able to.

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