When the fox named Fergie was found as a baby with mom nowhere to be seen, she was mistaken for a puppy and was brought to a wildlife carer. This mistake saved Fergie’s life. As soon as she arrived at the sanctuary, Fergie bonded with an 11-year-old girl, Phoenix, forming an inseparable friendship.

In Australia, under the Rural Lands Protection Act 1998, it is an offense to keep, supply, or release foxes because they threaten biodiversity by hunting and killing native wildlife. Due to this act, foxes have only 2 options; either be left where they were found, unable to get veterinary attention, or get euthanized.

Even though foxes are classified as wild animals, in an enclosed country like Australia, it is different. “Foxes in Australia are a declared pest animal and it’s actually illegal to move them, keep them without a permit or provide them with veterinary attention.”

“According to the law, Fergie should have been either left where she was or euthanized. Thankfully the person who found her didn’t even know she was a fox and took her to a wildlife carer who then contacted us,” shared Rachael. “We’re a farm animal sanctuary and never dreamed we’d find ourselves faced with foxes in need. We hate keeping animals in captivity but sadly it was the best of 2 options.”

“We try really hard to keep their living space interesting (she has a friend called Toby who was also found orphaned). We spend time with them and provide them with enrichment. We’d love to improve and expand their enclosure one day soon… We were unfortunately hit incredibly hard with huge vet bills last year so will need to get on top of those first,” Rachael wrote.

Luckily, by mistake, a person who found Fergie thought that she was a puppy and brought her to a wildlife carer, who then contacted Rachael. To save Fergie, Racheal took in the fox to live in a family-run farm animal sanctuary that she founded

Image credits: greenerpasturessanctuary

Meanwhile, Fergie and Phoenix have formed an inseparable bond and spend a lot of their time together


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