On June 7th, 2011, a solar flare erupted from the sun in a very impressive display. This event was captured by NASA cameras but was recorded as only a medium sized event that probably did not have any impact on the earth. It did however create a large cloud of particles that seemed to cover almost half of the sun's surface. Only a minor disruption to the earth's magnetic field was expected to have been caused.

But what exactly is a solar flare? A solar flare is a sudden brightening observed over the Sun's surface. This is interpreted as a large release of energy which then ejects clouds of electrons, ions, and atoms through the opening into space. Typically these clouds reach the earth a day or two after the explosion. Solar flares are very dramatic to the eye to witness. They tend to give us the feeling that as human's we are indeed quite a small spectacle compared to the greater picture of the Universe.

Photo: Nasa

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