A piglet that was not expected to survive has thrived, thanks partly to an unlikely bond with a German shepherd named Duke.

 Sophie the piglet was the runt of a litter of 12 born earlier this year at Wild Moon Organics near Armstrong, B.C., reported Castanet. She wasn't big enough to fight her siblings for mom's milk.

But Tristan Quiring, 17, whose family owns the organic farm, decided to try and help, said the farm's Facebook page.

"He brought her into our home and figured out a recipe (to feed her not to eat her) he could make that would replace her mom's milk and proceeded to look after her and nurse her back to vitality," Tristan's dad, Richard Quiring, told the news outlet.

What surprised the family even more was how much Duke and Sophie took to each other, like father and daughter. They even share the same kennel.

The piglet is now considered a family pet and will be kept on the farm as breeding stock, rather than part of the "pork program," said Quiring.


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