Stormy is wonderful with kids. He’s well socialized and likes dogs and cats. But when his family welcomed their fifth child, Stormy was handed over to a Brooklyn shelter.

“If look on his face doesn’t say it all – he misses his family terribly and he has no idea what happened to them! His Mom felt he should not be around the new baby even though he has always been gentle, playful and affectionate with the 4 children he lived with,” Julie Carer wrote on Facebook.

“He is also playful and affectionate with big and small dogs. He is also respectful around a cat he spent time with. Freshy [now named Stormy] even loves to be hugged and held! And, to think his life could end shortly is really just too heartbreaking,” she continued.

Being a Pit Bull, at a busy shelter, his odds of finding a new home were not great. In fact they were nearly impossible – he was scheduled to be euthanized within a few hours of coming to the attention of Eleventh Hour Rescue, who saw the post from a volunteer who described what it was like meeting Stormy (previously named Freshy) at the shelter:

“I always have to wash my hands after walking a dog, but with Freshy I had to rinse my whole arm! Freshy is so loving he practically gave my arms a bath, and when he wasn’t busy licking me, he’d lean in to my legs begging for back scratches.”

“Freshy is a handsome guy, who’s even caught the attention of staff members: upon seeing Freshy, staff came to the yard to visit with him and expressed his admiration for the big happy guy! He sure is hard not to love!”

Photo Source Julie Carner

When Alana Guerrini, a volunteer and foster carer for Eleventh Hour Rescue, saw his profile her heart broke.

She knew Stormy was special, and raced to save his life, which she did with just minutes to spare.

“He was due to be put down at 5 o’clock, and it was 4:58 or 4:59 when we got the word that ‘We’ll let you take him, and he’s officially yours and off of death row,’” Guerrini said.

She and her son went to pick him up and take him home. From the moment Stormy stepped into her car, he showed how happy and loving he is. He climbed into her son’s lap and wouldn’t stop wagging his tail.

Now that he’s safe, Guerrini plans on finding him the perfect family.


Responses to "Affectionate dog left at shelter to die because his family having another baby"

  1. sel1891 says:

    What about THIS baby???? This is a family member too!! We don't just discard family members at will! Commitments were made and should be adhered to. Obviously there were no problems with this precious baby so the problem lies with his former owners who could do something so heartless. Thank you so much for rescuing this wonderful guy and good luck with finding him his forever home. He deserves the best!

  2. Rese says:

    Rotten humans!!! Just throwing Your Precious Pup away like garbage you ought to be ashamed of yourself that pup would have loved your baby till the end of his life! I hope he finds a wonderful loving home because his previous family does not deserve him or his love

  3. Gaetano says:

    God bless the rescuers!

  4. Unknown says:

    I would take him he can be apart of my family

  5. Doglover says:

    I would love to take him to be a part of my family. He is a beautiful dog.

  6. Dianna says:

    Has Stormy found a new home?

  7. Diana says:

    What a pack of arseholes to throw away a loving pet which has already proven his worth and love to all your children. To do this - you two parents deserve karma to get you one day.

  8. Thank you for saving Freshy . I pray God will bless you and your son all the days of your life for your kindness and goodness . There are angels on earth I think you are one of them .

  9. Unknown says:

    In what kind of world we live in that we 'discard' living beings like they are waste do get rid of nice and clean :-(, and for what? No reason at all. They should we punished.

  10. Unknown says:

    Can he be transported to nor California?? Must love cats!! I have 2 El
    Eleven yr olds

  11. Rottenk9 says:

    Thank God for the mother and son for saving him from death. Almost every pitbulls goes first in a high kill shelter. The pics just show how calm and cute he is. I hope he gets the most loving forever Home.Again that's to the rescuers for seeing the good soul he has.

  12. Anonymous says:

    They should make the previous owner information public so they get all the hate mail. People like that should not be allowed to have a dog. That dog was too god for those people. How do you discard a beautiful loving dog like that. She keeps bringing more trash to this world like herself which is a trash .

  13. Where is he please, would love to adopt this baby?

  14. Unknown says:

    well when the family has another human baby maybe they will have to discard one of their human babies that they already have to make room for their new human baby maybe they should be snipped and taken the ovaries out so they can't have anymore babies. The Orphanages are full to.

  15. I really hope that they NEVER EVER GET ANY OTHER ANIMAL they dont deserve to have any they are NOT THROW AWAY Dogs are just like humans with feelings for Gods sake and thank GOD he had an angel watching over him and God wants him to live, I really hope the karma bus comes around to that family for sure.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is nonsense. Dogs are terrific companions....

  17. Invgjan says:

    If only they could make the names of selfish assholes like this public. They deserve to be publicly shamed for tossing this sweet baby away like he was nothing! Great lesson for their kids. How do heartless monsters like this live with themselves??

  18. ABS314 says:

    That horrible family shouldn't be having KIDS. FIVE kids in this world of 8 billion people and growing? WTF is wrong with them? I hope their damn kids throw them in the crappiest old age home when THEY are old. And they should never be allowed to have animals again. Post their names so every animal group will boycott them. Bastards.

  19. Unknown says:

    Where is his adoption info?

  20. Alley says:

    Can I give him a home

  21. Unknown says:

    We need to bring in new laws concerning the rights to own an animal ( for the animals protection and to reduce breeding programs). Over time it should become absolutely difficult to own a dog or cat or other pets, pets are great but do you really love them like they need to be loved - it is a life long commitment we are talking about here not just a fad or oh hell we can't take the animal with us stuff and dump them - shameful stuff like that. So its about bringing in new laws to prevent the marketing of animals in this way ( too many bad situations occurring). If we try a different approach - I mean sure its great to own a pet - get the word own there - own someone else that is what it is saying. I gave up pets, had them all throughout my life and then when my last dog passed over from age - i thought why not say no and just love nature - the birds , kangaroo etc stop the attachment stuff and I haven't looked back, of course I miss the company of the dog - love the dogs but heck that's ok it is a concept changer- if we forgo pets over time and embrace nature what a world it would be.

  22. Unknown says:

    Where is this precious baby at? Is he still available?

  23. Where is he and how do you adopt him I have to female's spayed and 4 kitties all rescued would love a to know I can rescue him I live in Illinois

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why have a pet if you're going to get rid of it. It's really sad & heartless . I have 6 cats & they are my babies. I would never get rid of them no matter what my situation is.

  25. Has he been adopted yet???

  26. Unknown says:

    I would love to take him. I am in Massachusetts. Please let me know if he is still available. I hope who ever gets him he is well loved and cared for.

  27. Unknown says:

    Where is this DOG???

  28. How can you adopt?

  29. Unknown says:

    Is there an update

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